Hofmann Blue Rhythm Modernist Fine Art Card or Framed Miniature


Hofmann Blue Rhythm Modernist Fine Art Card or Framed Miniature

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Charles Howard Trinity Collotype Modernist Fine Art Postcard, Notecard or Framed Miniature Print  Old and unique modernist abstraction collotype praint by Arthur Jaffe Press, New York  for Art Institute of Chicago.  Available as a postcard or notecard with  image matted and mounted onto heavy fine card stock with matching envelope or framed miniature with  wood frame, made in USA. Collectable, limited quantities

Style   897

Postcard   3 1/2 x 5

Notecard  5 x 7

Framed    6 x 7

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Collotype Fine Art Prints . . .  unique, old, limited and collectable

Collotype printing is a 19th century printing process that is considered the finest technique for the reproduction of fine art. Great color saturation is a striking feature of collotypes; however, because of the relatively long time it takes to produce a collotype print and the expense of the process, the craft has slipped into obscurity. 

These fine art collotype cards were produced many years ago by either Max Jaffe in Vienna or Arthur Jaffe in New York and are limited.